Fundraising Programs

The Signal Hill PAC runs a number of programs to benefit students & their families.

In the fall we bring LB Productions in to have our annual School Musical (This year it’s going to be starting in mid-October with lunch time rehearsals and a show date tentatively of November 30th. Stay tuned for more details) Our Winter Fundraiser is the very successful Poinsettia & Wreath Sale, which we are seeking someone to take charge of this year, and then in the spring we celebrate with the annual Family Dance Party!

We also have some on-going fundraisers. Labels from loveable labels, school supplies from! You can order any time of the year and the PAC will receive a certain percentage of your order.

Please follow the links below for more information on our programs.

For Information on the HOT LUNCH PROGRAM Click Here

PLEASE NOTE: To register for online ordering you will need to enter the school access code – SHE2017. You need to register EVERY school year.

For Information on the LOVABLE LABELS
Click Here


Do you have any ideas for fundraising or do you want to spearhead one? Are you able to volunteer for even just an hour here or there? If so Please contact us at

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