Canadian Parents for French
SHE is now a member of Canadian Parents for French, BC and Yukon Chapter.  CPF is a parent-led, non-profit organization that has worked for more than 30 years to provide French-language educational, social, cultural and sporting activities for youth.  CPF provides support, information and resources for parents with children studying French, whether through an immersion, intensive or basic French programme. CPF also works with school boards, teachers, parent advisory councils and the federal and provincial governments to suggest and monitor policies and programmes that affect the access to and quality of our children’s French educational programmes. There are lots of great resources available to parents at the CPF website.  Check it out at

Anti-Bullying Information                                                                                  The Ministry of Education has declared February 23rd “Anti-Bullying Day”.

The MOE also reefers to two brochures that are available on-line:                   “Your Role in Helping Children and Youth Develop Healthy Relationship Skills”

“Keeping Your Kids Safe – A Guide for Parents of Students in Grades K – 12”

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