Lunch Program

The very popular Hot Lunch Program continues with all proceeds going towards various PAC initiatives for Signal Hill Elementary!

The menu includes Pizza from Pemberton Valley Supermarket, Sushi and Edamame from Fish & Rice, and Mile One mac ‘n’ cheese, Chili and Trail Dogs. (all kid approved!)



1.  Go To:

2.  Enter Code:  SHE2020

Payment online by PayPal:  If you order online and pay online we will see your order.

Payment by Cash or Cheque:  Once you’ve made your order online, submit cash or cheque payment to the office WITH the students name attached.

If you prefer to order WEEKLY, rather than for the whole session at one time, orders are to be submitted to the school office no later than Wednesday the week prior to the date you are ordering for.

For those without internet access, order forms are available in the school office.

Please note:  The system is re-set every year so you will need to register again and enter your kids current information.

Questions? Email our Hot Lunch Coordinator Tara at

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