Hoody Fundraiser: Order by Feb 25

Hello Signal Hill Families,

Before Christmas, the grade seven students did a grocery gift card sales fundraiser to earn money to put towards their graduation. One of the items that has been deemed important to this and past graduating classes is a hoody bearing their grad year, their names, and their school name on the back. The other students at Signal Hill have by now surely been seeing the hoodies sported proudly around the school in the past few weeks. Maybe you have too!?

As a continuation of their fundraising efforts, there are now iconic Signal Hill Elementary Hooded sweatshirts available for purchase for the rest of the school! They are being offered for $40, in Red, Pink, Royal Blue, Sport Grey, or Black in both youth and adult sizes (and in Orange in adult sizes only) (See Hoody samples). You can choose from 2 eye-catching graphics for the back. A perfect gift for your student or teacher to show their school pride!

The goal of the fundraising is to ensure that every student has equal access to graduation celebrations regardless of economic situations as well as helping them to learn the costs associated with such events and how to create opportunities for themselves. The Grade seven students are responsible for fundraising the entire amount of the cost of their Class Graduation Hoodies, Yearbook and Graduation ceremony and any additional funds raised by the students will be donated to a legacy project benefiting all the students of Signal Hill. This will be their second fundraising effort of the year and hopefully they will also be able to do some other efforts such as a spring car wash, bottle drives and various other events through the end of June. It’s a bit tricky this year, as we all know! Your support is appreciated!

The sweatshirts are available for pre-order only. They must be ordered online at
https://signalhillpac.hotlunches.net by February 25th. We will attempt delivery to students before March break but cannot guarantee it. Otherwise, hoodies will be delivered (at the school) during the first week back to class.

If you have not already registered online for this website this year (must be done annually) here are the instructions:

  1. Go to https://signalhillpac.hotlunches.net to register
    -On the home page, search for our school, create a new account and enter the school
    access code SHE2020
    – Add students by name and class
  2. Place your order.
  3. Pay on-line using credit card via Bambora Or: Submit Cash or Cheque payments to the PAC mailbox by the library door with student’s order form attached.
    Paper orders with attached payment will also be accepted in the PAC mailbox by the library door until February 25 at 3:00pm
  4. If you have questions, please reach out to Tara at hotlunchsignalhill@gmail.com

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