School calendar 2020-2021 onwards

As you may know, the district completed a consultation process in the fall regarding the preparation of school calendars. Please find [below] the draft School Calendars for each of the next three school years. These calendars were built in consultation with DPAC, school PAC’s, school and district staff, and with the feedback received from the school calendar survey that was available to all parents and staff in December.

One item to note is for the 2020-2021 calendar, only one week of the two week spring break is aligned with Vancouver Metro area school districts. The reason for this is that consultation feedback indicated that it was preferable to include the Easter Holiday in the Spring Break.

Please review the local school calendars and feedback can be provided to your school principal (RKubik@sd48.bc.ca). These draft calendars will be presented to the Board of Education for approval at their regular March public meeting and the final approved calendars will be sent out at that time.

SHE School Calendar 2022-23 SHE School Calendar 2021-22 SHE School Calendar 2020-21


Mario Tenisci

Vice Principal | Signal Hill Elementary School

Pemberton, BC |  SD 48 Sea to Sky

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