District School Calendar

Dear all,

The district is currently re-doing their calendar of holidays and non-instructional days for the next 3 years (ie starting school year 2020/21 onwards). In order to do this, they will be sending out a survey to parents in December to ask about your non-instructional day preferences.

The district is currently deciding what the survey questions should be. You can contribute! If you have strong feelings about what the survey questions ought to be, email Nicola Jones at nkjones@gmail.com with “School Holidays Survey” in the subject line.

Again, please note that this is a) JUST for district-wide non-instructional days (the school has other days off in addition to these, like the half days). b) JUST to decide upon the survey questions, not to actually answer those questions. You get a chance to do that in December!

The survey that they used last time is below. The default is to use the same survey questions again. Or should we change them?


One thing to keep in mind is that the more options included on a survey, the less clear the preferences of the respondents become. In other words, if there are too many choices, it “splits the vote” and it’s no longer obvious what people want or why.

My personal preference would be to keep the questions as they are, but add a line of clarification to the critical question about whether you prefer a 1 week or 2 week Spring Break question:

“We currently have a 2 week spring break. Going to a one week spring break would result in hours of instruction being shortened slightly each day by about 5-10 minutes. This time is typically taken out of mid-day breaks and/or out of the day’s start time.”


Nicola Jones.


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