DPAC Update

The District Parent Advisory Council is in need of new members!

The 2016/2017 School Year is in need of DPAC members. Currently there is only secretary for next year and there is need for the Chair and Treasurer roles to be filled otherwise DPAC will dissolve.

What does this mean?
This means that there is no wide district discussion between school parent reps with education partners and no funding for any parent education workshops.

What is involved?
They used to have 5 meetings per year and have cut it down to 3. It is a very casual setting, you get fed supper and is very informative. So if you like some evenings away from the kids and being fed every once and a while this may be the role for you! The executive positions are not time consuming, some emailing of opportunities and communication between parents and the school board and can be filled with parents from the same school, doesn’t have to be all different PACs.

Email our current DPAC representative Lara Wall (who will also need to be replaced after this year) at DPAC@signalhillpac.com

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